Did you know pets can help you to improve your health? See the benefits below

Having a pet already fills your heart with love, this has no surprise that having a pet you love, so much, can help you improve your over all heart health. ​Several studies have shown that people who have pets exhibit a lower risk of a heart disease. This is because pet owners often have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, which all lead to the lower risk of heart attack.

Lowers your heart stress, this is a new finding that petting itself has benefits attached to it. It helps your body feel less stressed and increase over all serotonin level. More than that it also helps you lower your stress hormone Cartisol. This over all builds a happy lifestyle that pushes you away from bad eating habits because you feel less stressed; you don’t do binge eating.

Another benefits is companionship, when you hug them it gives you a feeling of completeness and love, they are always there in every condition of life be it sad, sorrow or happy. You know they are there for you.

Pet owners are tend to be more social than non pet owners, pets act as a conversation starter always, people would like to see them, talk to them, pet them. This in-turn gives a point for conversation with other people, they are your coffee friend.

Cat owners are less prone to stress, studies have found cat owners are at lower risks of strokes possibly due to calming effects that they have on their owners

Pets not only help you to stay healthy with their vibes and petting, they also push to exercise, run, walk with them. Due their biological needs you have to get up and take them out. This increases your mobility and helps you in digestion and getting some sweat out

There are way more benefits that you get from having a pet, so if you don’t have one seek options to adopt one. You can thank me later.

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