Best Products to take care of your pets during Pandemic Covid – 19

Covid 19 has changed a lot in the history of mankind from the way we walk, talk, shop and even think. It has made humans dysfunctional, after all we are a social animal but now the layers of Masks and shields have taken the social out and not only us it has diluted the way we now take care of our loving pets. With our movements being restricted our pets have to bear it as well. We are now more cautious taking them out for a walk because a lot have changed. It is our duty to make their life as normal as it was, may be by buying more things for them so that they can be entertained in the house more than anywhere else. Purely for the reason of their health we bring to you some products that can help you

  1. Outdoor water fountain for dogs – since they are not going out a lot of the time and usually backyard is the only place they can move and run, this product makes it a charm to put in for them. A toy come water fountain and it helps them to learn some cognitive skills by teaching how the water comes out and they can drink whenever they want. Summers are coming and the need for water also increases due to higher temp and activity. For you – no need to refill the water again and again.
  2. Indoor Windmill Cat Toy – Interactive toys are already in demand as they increase the involvement of you pals, we saw many interactive toys that solve the purpose of interaction but this one can actually help them to take vitamins, medicines any other form of food that can be turned into paste. All you have to do is put this windmill Cat Toy on the lower side of any wall where your cat usually roams around. On the middle ball that has spikes like things put some food in paste form or vitamins
  3. Multi vitamins licking ball – Another aspect during Covid is to take care of their diet, with diets we should not forget a balanced and full of Vitamins and minerals diet. When you see your cat is getting fat or lethargic its just because of right diet and environment. A product like Multi Vitamin ball encourages cats to play and have multivitamins as well. 70% of the animal behavior is dependent on the food they eat usually in a set up which is living in a house, that they have been for longer time, boredom and anxiety develops over time. making sure the right diet is what they are taking helps a lot.
  4. Poop Collector – On of the main concern during Covid walks is making sure when they poop you pick it up, leaving it there not only puts other pets at risk but also gives enough sustainable environment for viruses and bacteria to develop on it. We chose this poop collector because it comes with collection bag with it that fits in the collector itself. Just take one bag out of the roll put the mouth of the collector in the open side of the bag and cover it till the end of the collector. Lastly, just press the end of the collector to open the mouth that has bag on it, grab the poop and close it. Take the bag out and you are done.
  5. Automatic Nail Clipper – Another fear and concern we have during Covid is making sure that their nails are clipped properly, the chances of them bringing the virus or any other bacteria home is way to much when mud and other material grasps their nails and Paws. Clipping the nails is anyway a must hygiene habit to adopt. The concern is sometimes people cut nails a little more than required the best way is to file them with a filer based clipping tool. This tool has a stone that rubs against the nails and file them to the desired shape and size. Another benefit is that you wont have to worry about any cuts or bruises because its super safe.

Nevertheless, it is very important to take care of our hygiene as well specially during pandemic, since they are dependent on us and with the nature of this virus we are equally at risk if we ignore out pet’s hygiene.

All of the products mentioned above have the corresponding risk and they are also available under ‘shop this story’ too. Let us know in the comment what you feel about this article. Special mention to Glam Me Pet Team.

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